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February 2016 ShowMarker Other 'TOS Like' Past Shows Archive

ShowMarker February 9: 8pm - 10pm
"dreaming of you // the pyramid of love"

In this special love infused episode of The Other Side, we will delve into all aspects of the wet lush forest known as love. Guest host Jes Taber hopes to enchant and move all you golden hearted lovers out there. This thing called love, let's find it together.

ShowMarker February 16: 8pm - 10pm
"Sound Sound But Different"

Come one, come all! Let's journey to the land of worlds unseen and we shall hoist the sonic flag of mayhem and bliss! Two hours of field recording mashups and sound paintings disguised as a radio show with long time other sidean guest host supreme Tenali. 'Tis sure to be a show not to miss!

ShowMarker February 23: 8pm - 10pm
"Real Music - An Evening with Ken Schumacher"

Local music lover and live recroding meister Ken Schumacher has been capturing magical moments on analog tape & digital media for most of his adult life. Join host & produer Mikail Graham for an in-studio interview with Mr. Schumacher as we listen to some of his favorite treasures and find out how this special passion has literally changed his life.


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