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ShowMarker May 16: 8pm - 10pm
"History Mystery #2 (Bill Frisell, the Ladies’ Backup Man)"
TOS guest host Richard Dunk with his special co-host Joel Brungardt bring you another evening with Bill Frisell has worked with what seems like everybody. Tonight we get to hear him backing up some women (Lucinda Williams, Bonnie Raitt, and Emmylou Harris) who are probably familiar and some others (Petra Haden and the Columbian Gabriela) are maybe aren’t. The refreshments? How about another Alvarado?

ShowMarker May 23: 8pm - 10pm
"Turtle Island (Part I)"
In the words of Edward Abbey: The earth, like the sun, like the air, belongs to everyone—and to no one. With that in mind, guest host Water Is Life Tenali returns to The Other Side with a two hour show honoring and celebrating our Mother Earth. So, come journey through a field recording and musical soundscape of earthly delights.

ShowMarker May 30: 8pm - 10pm
"Reveries of the Lotus Blossom (Part I)"
Guest host Down-The-Rabbit-Hole Tenali invites you to take a billion year psychedelic adventure through caverns of pure light and elixirs of visionary bliss. Be prepared to dissolve in the cosmic you splitting into amoebas and amoebas and amoebas all the way down. Tune in, turn on, and melt beyond...



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