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July 2016 ShowMarker Other 'TOS Like' Past Shows Archive

ShowMarker July 19: 8pm - 10pm
"John Fahey – The Early Years"

The fingerpicking guitar wizard and scholarly gibberish master (aka Blind Joe Death) cut six albums for the Takoma label in the early 1960s. We’ve got ‘em all on well-kept vinyl along with The Yellow Princess and a Valentine’s Day 1968 gig at the Matrix in San Francisco. Country Joe and The Dead were across town at the Carousel on the very same night. For the lowdown on Blind Joe Death click here. Enough with the gin, already. Let’s make a piquant lime whiskey sour. Featuring guest host extraordinaire Richard Dunk.

ShowMarker July 26: 8pm - 10pm
"We Murder to Dissect"

Sweet is the lore which Nature brings; Our meddling intellect Mis-shapes the beauteous forms of things: We murder to dissect. Enough of Science and of Art; Close up those barren leaves; Come forth, and bring with you a heart That watches and receives. Join host and producer Mikail Graham for an evening where nothing is as it seems, or is it?

August 2016

ShowMarker August 2: 8pm - 10pm
"Jazz on Film #12 (The Music of David Amram – 1956-2016)"

Join guest host Richard Dunk for an evening of remastered soundtracks from five films spanning the career of French horn player and composer David Amram. The films include John Frankenheimer’s The Manchurian Candidate, Elia Kazan’s Splendor In The Grass, Pull My Daisy with a motley crew of Beat Generation icons, and Frankenheimer’s The Young Savages. Let’s get back to a cocktail that starts with the juice of a Meyer Lemon.

ShowMarker August 9: 8pm - 10pm
"Half-Remarkable Questions (Part V II)"

Come journey with Void Captain Tenali on a jump drive to the deeeeeeeeeep galaxies of our minds and the great beyond. Featuring readings from Phillip K. Dick's Exegesis, the sacred-unsacred text Principia Discordia, whimsical Sufi tales, and star-splatter droplets of wonderfully spellbinding and engaging music. Forever and always, keep looking up....

ShowMarker August 16: 8pm - 10pm
"Totally High Holy Rainbow-Coloured Spirit Hawk of Awakened Manifestation (Part II)"

Welcome home buttercups for another adventure to the cosmic rainbowland and pixieville unicorn-village of living light....Guest host Tenali will showcase over 15 years of field recordings from his own personal collection made at various remote forests and mountains. There's gonna by pocket dragons, free hugs of song, trail frolicking sound bites, star gazing musings, and zu-zu brews of cosmic wonderment. See you in 5 minutes!!

ShowMarker August 23: 8pm - 10pm
"The Apocalypse Now Sessions – and then some!"

Join guest host Richard Dunk for nearly 2 hours of The Rhythm Devils Play River Music plus soundtrack excerpts from films about the Vietnam war (Apocalypse Now, Born On The 4th Of July, The Deer Hunter, Full Metal Jacket, Good Morning Vietnam, and, Platoon). Original film music and the sounds of the times. Wild stuff! As for the libation, we’ll re-imagine Where There’s Smoke, a signature creation of The Ship in New York City.

ShowMarker August 30: 8pm - 10pm


September 2016

ShowMarker Spetember 6: 8pm - 10pm
"The Diva Series #6 (The Queen Of Soul – part 1)"

Guest host Richard Dunk brings you a good listen to Aretha Franklin during the Atlantic Record years. Barack Obama tells us that anyone who’s a DJ at a dance party would do well to start with “Rock Steady.” Let’s take that executive order, join the “Chain Of Fools,” and pay a ton of “Respect” to the music inspired by Sunday morning and the Saturday night before. Aretha’s from Detroit – let’s shake a Motor City and serve it straight up.

ShowMarker Spetember 13: 8pm - 10pm


ShowMarker Spetember 20: 8pm - 10pm


ShowMarker Spetember 6: 8pm - 10pm


October 2016

ShowMarker October 4: 8pm - 10pm
"Mediterranean Jazz (The Music Of Anouar Brahem)"

Join guest host Richard Dunk for an evening featuring Tunisian oud virtuoso Anouar Brahem has been creating hypnotic instrumental Jazz for more than 20 years with an ever-changing cast of collaborators from several continents. It’s hard to tell who’s leading whom among musicians from all sides of the Mediterranean Sea. The chord changes are unfamiliar, but the overall groove feels just timeless. How about the best-ever Martini?

ShowMarker October 11: 8pm - 10pm
"What Dreams May Come... (Part IX)"

Guest host Tenali Strumming Harp Cloud welcomes one and all to explore the castle in the sky with tickling trickles of sound, snippet, and song. A spellbinding, fanciful trip with radiant lullabies and wandering wonder, featuring classic other sidean oddities...Dream in, dream on, and dream out!

ShowMarker October 18: 8pm - 10pm
"What Dreams May Come... (Part X)"

Come ladies and gents and we shall pied pipe our way to Mount Dreamlandia. Join Guest host Tenali Von Twinkle for some star blaze gazing within without here and now and beyond the everyday waking state into another world of floating chimes, rhyming rhymes, and piping times. Lalala...Lalala...Lalala...

ShowMarker October 25: 8pm - 10pm




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