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September 2016 ShowMarker click here for our other Past Shows Archive

ShowMarker Spetember 27: 8pm - 10pm
"Moving Into Autumn…"

Host Mikail Graham for an impromptu evening of psychedelic classics from another time and place. They'll be many stops along the way as we look into a world of music from a time long since gone by, one highlight is Chad and Jeremy's long forgotten progress suite "Of Cabbages and Kings" amongst many more late 60's & 70s lost gems. Tune in, trip out, wind down and enjoy…

October 2016

ShowMarker October 4: 8pm - 10pm
"What Dreams May Come... (Part IX)"

Guest host Tenali Strumming Harp Cloud welcomes one and all to explore the castle in the sky with tickling trickles of sound, snippet, and song. A spellbinding, fanciful trip with radiant lullabies and wandering wonder, featuring classic other sidean oddities...Dream in, dream on, and dream out!

ShowMarker October 11: 8pm - 10pm
"Lord Buckley - The Life Of A Giant"

Host & producer Mikail Graham will be taking a journey through the spoken word mastery of the one and only Lord Buckley in honor of his old friend Paul Emery's Nevada City LIVE showcase featuring The Lord Buckley Celebration of Poetry & Jazz featuring Lady Laurie Lord Buckley, Lee Boek, Chris Olander and the Ludi Hinrichs Quartet with Anna Coronna. Expect a fascinating evening of words, sounds and music.

ShowMarker October 18: 8pm - 10pm
"What Dreams May Come... (Part X)"

Come ladies and gents and we shall pied pipe our way to Mount Dreamlandia. Join Guest host Tenali Von Twinkle for some star blaze gazing within without here and now and beyond the everyday waking state into another world of floating chimes, rhyming rhymes, and piping times. Lalala...Lalala...Lalala...

ShowMarker October 25: 8pm - 10pm

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