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August 2017 ShowMarker click here for our other Past Shows Archive

ShowMarker August 15: 8pm - 10pm
"Doom, Doldrums, and Fear (Hard Times) (Part I)"
Life, at times, can sure be tough. Any number of things can spiral us downward, from the passing of friends or family, to losing a job, the wrath of politics, loneliness, or maybe you just stubbed your toe. Whatever the reason, it happens. Guest host Troubled Voyage Tenali invites us to channel such feelings through sound, snippet, and song. Hopefully, spending some time in the bleakness, we may arise anew, like a phoenix from the fire.

ShowMarker August 22: 8pm - 10pm
"An Evening with Cuong Vu"

Join guest host Richard Dunk for an evening featuring Cuong Vu. This trumpet-playing native of Ho Chi Minh City does not sound like the other guys. Not at all. This is modern, chaotic, and ambient Jazz like you’ve not heard before. We have a pretty good assortment of Vu’s 21st Century releases which include one with Pat Metheny, a couple with Bill Frisell, and several with some other folks. Time for another long hot weather drink.

ShowMarker August 29: 8pm - 10pm
"Totally High Holy Rainbow-Colored Spirit Hawk of Awakened Manifestation (Part III)"
Welcome home! Join guest host Warrior Blue Tarp Tenali for part III of 16+ years of field recordings he's made at rainbow gatherings around the world. There's sure to be a trail wandering soundbites, campfire singalongs, and probably snippets of birdsong, too. See you in five minutes!!

September 2017

ShowMarker September 5: 8pm - 10pm
"Voluptuous Veils, Vigorous Voyage (Part V)"
A look-see into the world of poetry, story and song. Guest host Ceremonial Masked Tenali will showcase a dollop of whimsy here, some sprinkles of surreal there, and most definitely a heaping spoonful of mighty fine tunes. So, what the heck, let's taste the yummy chocolate of sound. Oh, I also invite you to wear your favorite mask while you listen. Tune in to find out why.

ShowMarker September 12: 8pm - 10pm
"The Diva Series #8. Cecile McLorin Salvant.)"
An Old Soul with impeccable control over her exquisite contralto pipes who has mastered nuance, rhythm, and the human drama of Jazz and Blues of the last hundred years.  An out-of-nowhere, hands-down winner of the Thelonious Monk Competition.  Guest host extrodinaire Richard Dunk says "yu need to hear her"!  This is dry Martini music.  Really dry.  We know how to do that.

ShowMarker September 19: 8pm - 10pm
"History Mystery #5 (Bill Frisell - film music)"
Join guest co-hosts Richard Dunk & Joel Brungardt, for their 5th evening with Mr. Frisell.
That’s film music, not movie soundtracks and certainly not cinema scores. Film music: Buster Keaton flicks; duets with vocalist Petra Haden; and, unusual takes on themes, gems, and chestnuts you’ve likely heard in their original incarnations. Got it? And how’s about a tall brandy/pear Manhattan on the rocks to relax on a late sunmmer evening?

ShowMarker September 26: 8pm - 10pm
"Too Hot To Handle..."
Join host Mikail Graham for a late-summer evening of something yet to be discovered and yet somehow ever so familiar. Yep that's right, you're about to corss over into the other side.



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