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ShowMarker May 3: 8pm - 10pm
"Jazz On Film #11 (The New Wave II #2)"

Guest host Richard Dunk features an evening of remastered Jazz soundtracks from another 13 films of the French, Italian, British, and American new wave of the late 1950s and early 1960s. Titles include Satan In High Heels, The Hustler, Gli Arcangeli, La Notte, L’eau A La Rouche, The Little Fugitive, and Nowhere To Go. Isn’t it about time we explored the Sazerac?

ShowMarker May 10: 8pm - 10pm
"An Evening with Robbie Landsburg"

Robbie Landsburg is a Nevada City native who has been active in the local music scene since 2012 with his indie rock outfit, Ghost Pines. In 2014 he began playing in a new project, Pinnacles, which ventures into more untraditional musical territories, from post-rock to math-rock, progressive rock to shoegaze. The band just finished up a regional tour during which they began incorporating abstract visual projections into their live set. On the side, Landsburg has been working on solo material that blends electronic & rock music with a taste of everything in-between. Join host Mikail Graham for an in-studio interview, look & listen to a wide range of Mr. Landsburg's unreleased material from the up-and-coming Ghost Pines album, "The Sky is Falling", cuts from the recently released Pinnacles record, "Convolve & Reflect", as well as never before heard solo material.

ShowMarker May 17: 8pm - 10pm
"Inspired Collaborators - Co-Hosted with Robert Heirendt"

Robert Heirendt is a music therapist/social worker, composer, performer, happy father, and has an artistic vision that revolves around interweaving complex patterns, juxtaposed rhythms, multiple diverse influences, experiences, and feelings. On this episode host & producer Mikail Graham will be joined by Mr. Heirendt as they explore the world of his various musical collaborators featuring works by Bill Douglass, Randy McKean, Cornelius Boots , Moore Brothers, Myles Boisen, Karen Stockpile, and much more. We'll also be lsitening to selected moments from Robert's latest release Soft Sea Creatures. Tune in for an evening of unique music, sounds and conversation.

ShowMarker May 24: 8pm - 10pm
" Completely Miles #4 (The Bitches Brew Sessions #2)
Guest host Richard Dunk returns for yet another listen to Miles Davis outtakes, alternates, and live tracks from sessions and gigs both before and after the 1969 release of the third leg of Miles invention of Fusion music. We’re gonna focus on live gigs at the Fillmore West and Fillmore East in April and June of 1970. More of the real deal! Loud, exciting, in-your-face performances of music that’s still way ahead of its time more than 45 years later. We’ll include another dose of Betty Mabry Davis’ inimitable Funk tunes – she is the one who got Miles to get up with it. On the cocktail front… Another delight that starts with the juice of a Meyer lemon.

ShowMarker May 31: 8pm - 10pm
"Merry Meta-Masquerade (Part I)"

Listen up, I'm going to tell you about an upcoming show on the other side. That's right, join guest host Tenali as he explores a show about a show making a show, and the show he will be making will be about the show itself. You'll just have to tune in to hear more about this show that celebrates the self-referential nature of such an escapade. Oh, and there's gonna be some mighty fine tunes, too.


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